Different Kinds Of Food Processors 

Different Kinds Of Food Processors 

  • Hand Operated 

Hand-worked food processors are the most fundamental ones. They are utilized for chopping vegetables like onions. They need somewhat more exertion as far as manual work, however, then again, they are easy to utilize and clean. Since they come in very small sizes, packing isn’t an issue. Hand-worked processors are ideal when the amount of food is less. 

  • Small Food Processors 

Small food processors are minimal. They are most appropriate for small families. These can play out various exercises like cleaving, granulating and blending in small amounts.  For individuals living alone and wanting to cook adaptable dishes without any help, these smaller Food processors are enthusiastically recommended. 

  • Full-Sized Food Processors 

Full-sized food processors are the ones who can perform the greater part of the capacities and can likewise give a limit of around 9-12 cups. Some considerably offer 20 cup limits. The most costly ones accompany batter snares to blend bread. Additionally, these are equipped with a scope of circles and blades which will help the user. Full-sized processors of good brands can be dependable as their motors are sufficiently amazing to deal with a wide range of activities. 

  • Bison Choppers 

These are most appropriate for substantial food handling like meat. They can deal with a wide range of food and have a strong metal structure which makes them more intense than some other sort of food processor. They have numerous extra parts like slicers, processors, which make them even more flexible and reasonable for some tough kitchen work. 

Purchasers Guide For The Best Food Processor

  • Power 

The food processor that is picked ought to have the option to deal with the sort of handling as required by the user. For intense work like chopping crude carrots, blending firm mixtures or chopping hard cheddar, a processor with a solid motor must be used for convenient and safe cooking. 

  • Limit/Size 

The dishes of a food processor come in differing sizes relying upon the model. So before buying, you should see which ones would be appropriate for your necessities. A smaller than normal food processor would be appropriate for single individuals and little families while a full-sized one is perfect for bigger families. 

  • Sharp blades and plates 

It is prescribed that one must check if every blade and plate are performing according to the processor’s capacities. There are various types of services like the reversible cutting blade for grinding just as a cutting, chopping blade, mixer and whisk circle connections and juice extractor. 

  • Brand and Price 

The brands and models must be remembered while purchasing a food processor. The more costly ones give a ground-breaking motor which is extremely useful over the long term. The optional brands frequently offer some additional adornments and connections, however, their motors are not excessively amazing. A definitive choice ought to be made according to the cooking need and budget of the purchaser. 

  • Producer’s Warranty 

It must be guaranteed that the item purchased has a guarantee and gives quality user support. Food planning will get both helpful and agreeable if a legitimate venture is made on the food processor. 

  • Easy to understand/Easy Demonstration 

Electronic apparatuses like food processors are exceptionally fragile; they can separate if not utilized appropriately. Complete data about the DOs and DON’Ts is a must. 

A point by point demo is an absolute necessity, and the clarification of the method to utilize a processor must be easy. The innovative and digital technology of the processor should not make it complicated for old age peoples.

  • Cover 

Consider the nourishing cylinder’s size while purchasing processors. The nourishing cylinder in the tops must be wide. The size of the nourishing cylinder will decide the maximum size of food that can be added to the processor. The more extensive the nourishing cylinder, the lesser the endeavors to cut the Food. 

If the size of the cylinder is limited, you have to pre-cut your food. One of the best lids would include feeding tubes in the center of the pusher.

  • Simple Assembly and Easy Control 

The control and assembling of food processors must be basic. The cover and lid should be placed conveniently in an easy method. A few appliances would not work if the pusher isn’t inside; it might make it harder to include increasing materials while it’s working. 

Another piece of the simple gathering is that the parts must be anything but difficult to clean. You can decide on a processor with a touchpad, and smooth inset catches are desirable over control capacities. The more established style of switch flips may gather some flooding fluids, and it might gather some foulness.

Here’s The List Of The Best Food Processors


Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor 650-Watt 
Bajaj Maverick Food Processor 750 Watt Motor
Brayden Intellio 2.0 Food Processor 300 Watt Motor
Inalsa INOX Food Processor 1000 Watt Motor
Bajaj FX-11 Food Processor 600 Watt Motor
Philips HL1661 700Watts Food Processor
Morphy Richards Food Processor 1000 Watt Motor
Usha 2663 Food Processor 600 Watt Motor